Julie & Julia…

On a trip to the cinemas recently (one of my all time favourite past-times I might add) I went and saw the film Julie & Julia. If you haven’t seen it i’ll condense and say: lots of laughs, lots of Meryl Streep speaking with an odd accent, all accompanied by lots of tummy grumbling from scrumptious looking food. Thank god for the popcorn.

Anyway, the film tells the true tale of Julie, who started a blog detailing her plot to make all 536 recipes, in Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking, within 1 year.

  Image from Wiki

So it got me thinking, why did I start this blog? It was much harder to articulate than i imagined; it is more than knowing that you just want something, but actually knowing why. Here are the reasons i came up with.

  1.  I wanted somewhere to catalogue all my favourite things; as mentioned in previous posts, ahem, post.
  2.  I wanted a project. After 16 years of schooling im not quite ready to give those up just yet. And i’ve found i quite enjoy writing…a blog might ensure i actually do so every once in a while.
  3.  And I wanted a challenge. I think of myself as a private person and to share with people who i do not know, in an often fickle platform, my words forever stuck in cyberspace for all eternity is very daunting. But im going to do it anyway.

This is Julie’s blog: The Julie/Julia Project. Well, the one before she was famous.


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