oh paper, my paper addiction…

If I have one thing to share, its that i LOVE paper.

I love the feel, the smell, the texture, the look. I can never have too much. I’m continuously getting in trouble for buying letter paper (when i have no one to write too) envelopes and numerous blank notebooks when i never put them to good use. But what can i say? Sometimes they are just too pretty!!

So, its very exciting when i see people actually putting their love of paper to good use.  Artist Peter Callesen makes these extraordinary and magical paper artworks. And once you get over the shock of how intricate and amazing the work is you realize just how complex the themes are as well; life, death, rebirth, fantasty, reality etc. Check out his work. I guarantee you will be pleasantly surprised…

Birds of the Air, 2009

Birds of the Air, 2009

To see more of his work visit PeterCallesen. Image from his website.

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