Only 38 more days to go…

Fun filled day of christmas shopping today – yay! – to which I finally bought myself a copy of the BBC’s North & South, the film adaptation of the Elizabeth Gaskell novel of the same name (which I have really been meaning to read and haven’t got around to – yet).

If you haven’t seen it, its a brilliant period piece about a woman’s struggle with her move from the south to the industrial town of Milton in Northern England. What ensues is class struggles, violence and love (of course).  Not only a beautiful story but the cinematography is amazing, the shots of the weaving sheds are delightfully dreamy and romantic.


Speaking of dreamy and romantic, you can’t go past Richard Armitage who plays brooding mill owner John Thorton, who, dare I say it, has galloped past Mr Darcy in the race for my heart of historical fiction characters.  Ahhh.

So, as the present has been wrapped away and tucked into my closet, its only 38 days to go ’til I find John Thornton wrapped under my christmas tree.

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1 Response to Only 38 more days to go…

  1. MARIA GRAZIA says:

    It happened to me to: JT has replaced Mr Darcy. All Mr Armitage’s merit! N&S is one of the best period dramas ever. Excellent Christmas gift.

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