little confessions…

1. where is your cellphone?  not sure, i lose it alot, its probably still in my bag.

2. your hair? brown and curly. always long until i cut it a few weeks ago. now it swings on my shoulders and never has knots – well, almost never.

3. your mother? tidy. loving.  too hard to describe.

4. your father? charming. strong. car lover.

5. your favourite food? i dont really have favourite things, but i do love toast.

6. your dream last night? you can only dream if you sleep, it was too hot, i tossed and turned all night.

7. your favourite drink? i do love iced coffee – no whipped cream.

8. your dream/goal? to work on a film set, or own a bookstore, or to just travel.

9. the room you are in? the study.

10. hobbies? photography, reading, writing, day dreaming.

11. what is your fear? other than snakes….not being able to be there for someone when they need you.

12. where were you last night? at home, watching the mentalist and sitting in front of the fan.

13. something you are not? tall.

14. muffins? yes, i made some yesterday…triple choclate chip.

15. wish list items? books, always more books, and DVDs.

16. where did you grow up? not any place in particular.

17. last thing you did? woke up and had some just right, all the while trying to avoid eating the apricots and sultanas.

18. what are you wearing? star wars t shirt and pj bottoms.

19. your tv? small.

20. your pets? charlotte the chocolate lab x (with border collie, its a beautiful mix) and a goldfish, or is it goldfishes? I always forget about them.

21. your friends? are themselves.

22. your life? is changing.

23. your mood? hopeful. i would really like it to storm today.

24. missing someone? no. everyone is closer than you could imagine.

25. vehicle? a blue/ silver colour???

26. something you’re not wearing? jewellery. do toe rings count?

27. your favourite store? probably a bookstore.

28. your favourite colour? i dont have one.

29. the time you last laughed? yesterday watching harry potter and the half blood prince “pincers, tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk”

30. the time you last cried? probably a few days ago.

31. your best friend? is my dog to be truthful. or my gran.

32. one place you go over and over? the cinemas.

33. guilty pleasure? paper. ahhh. and travel books.

34. favourite place to eat? jamaica blue for breakfast. poached eggs on toast with a latte.

35. where do you want to be in six year? to be happy, to  love and be loved. to have travelled.

quiz by e.darcy. pass it on if u like.

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