i am gone.

Pirouetting aimlessly in this sapphire world I have surrendered to the depths of the sea. No longer am I caught in the struggle where the waves whip and roll, obscuring my vision and cutting at my skin; slowly filling me up until I admit defeat. The world is quiet and still, falling slowly, slowly, slowly, towards the sea floor like settling dust.

My raven hair hangs suspended in the water like the ink from an octopus. My skin has lost all warmth and yet I no longer feel the cold. My skin is changing; I’m blending into the water. Oxygen fills my lungs, cool and fresh, and like a creature from the deep I breathe it in.

Movement above me causes the water to shift and the fish scatter in hasty retreat. A hard body presses against my back and strong arms wrap around me like a lifejacket, pulling me against my will, reeled in toward the shining light. Breaking through the surface, water runs down my pale, cold face and like a fish I can no longer breathe.

I am gone. ©




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