.notes from a new country…

…. is one of the funniest blogs i’ve read in ages. If the italics and bold font weren’t informative enough for you i was giggling to myself hysterically in the library while trying to ignore the strange looks flashed in my direction.

 Notes from a New Country follows the trials and tribulations of a Canadian living in Sydney, Australia. Amusing tales of deathly creatures to avoid, unrelenting sun on christmas day, dead kangaroos on the Hume Highway, Shane Warne and not being able to find any decent maple syrup (Note: So not true. What about Steeves Maple? Its made in New Brunswick….. Apparently.)

Unfortunately the blog wrapped up in September ’09 but definately have a scroll through the archives.


on another note check out Overheard in New York. Crazy quotes of things overheard in NY.

Teen boy: Do you ever wonder, like, if you die, what will happen to your

MySpace and your Internet stuff?

Teen girl: Yeah. You have my password, right? Promise me you’ll go on

 and approve all the good comments.

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2 Responses to .notes from a new country…

  1. Amanda says:

    Ha ha!
    The author of said blog is sat next to me reading this delightful review. He smiled. 🙂

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