damn, i love blogs

its true. i do.

i dont know how, until this year (and really not that many months ago), i have lived outside of the blogging world. its probably beacuse i had work, and uni to go to and family things that needed my attention, but there’s no need for excuses.

i began a blog to have something to do – to have a little place to get away for a little while each day; a little haven of my own, and even more miraculously, where i can visit other peoples havens. to catch a glimpse of their hopes and dreams and the tiny moments that make up their lives.

here are my recent glimpses of lives i love:

twoandsix: designer, knitter, photographer and mum of six  

a couple madly in love, who play the harmonica, like sparklers and co-ordinate the dishwasher: the rockstar diaries

amazing photographer and aussie amanda blogs at mocking bird and paper cameras. she is also a contributer to the photography collaboration blog words to shoot by.


listmaker and all round cool gal: hula seventy


so have a happy thursday (or wednesday) where ever you are. im off to find some breakfast…

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