sand, seashells and suri the meerkat

Ah it was sooo good to get a few days away. Even though it did rain most of the time, it turned out to be a blessing in disguise as temperatures soared to the highest all year after we left. Phew!

so, there was lots of…..

 walking on the beach, finding seashells, watching out for bluebottles (eek!), buying books, watching birds, patting the horses, relaxing on the swingset, doing jigsaw puzzles, napping, hitting the cinemas, going to the lolly shop to buy pineapples and freckles, and…going to the zoo!!

L: Little Suri the meerkat. Look at that cute little face saying “oh please, please take me home with you miss?”

M: I loved feeding the deer. They’re soo cute. And i never realised they have soft, velvety antlers.

R: Tim, the white lion. What a big, beautiful sook!!!

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