I turned 22 this week.

It’s never really bothered me that much having my birthday around christmas. Sure, malls and restaurants are always closed, friends are away visiting their relatives; but its quiet. I like that everyone else slows down for a little bit and relaxes.

I certainly did. I napped most of my birthday afternoon away. But, what i did do is come up with a list: 22 things to do while 22. All things that ive never done. And im not the type of person to write a list of things that i thought was impossible to accomplish. They’re not all easy but they’re far from impossible. You will find no desires here to be interviewed by Oprah or be launched into outer space.

Anyway, here goes:

1. Knit a scarf. Or more importantly, finish knitting a scarf.

2. Travel overseas.

3. Read Alice in Wonderland.

4. Ice skate outside.

5. Make a daisy chain and wear it for the day.

6. Have high tea at the Hyatt.

7. Ride a carousel.

8. Ask a stranger to take their picture.

9. Learn to play a song on the guitar.

10. Make a snow angel.

11. Graduate from University.

12. Have my photo taken in every photobooth i can find.

13. Make a short film.

14. Eat a slice of pumpkin pie.

15. Go to a drive in.

16. Stay at the Fairmont Banff Springs.

17. See the Northern lights.

18. Die my hair a totally different colour. Like Red.

19. Sell my photography to someone other than a family member or friend.

20. See a whale in the wild.

21. Dance around outside, in the rain, in my pajamas.

22. Finally watch all three Lord of the Rings films.


And by the way, i had a lovely birthday.

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