The New Aussie Wave.

Ive been hearing ALOT of buzz lately about Mia Wasikowska in Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland. – which, coincidentally, opens here at midnight!

I’m really excited to see it as I’ve seen Mia alot in the last few years as she hails from my hometown. I saw her perform on the set a few years ago on the film September and then have seen her in both Defiance and Summer Breaks. She always seemed to be a lovely girl.

I always love hearing of up and coming Australian talent…..

{Mia Wasikowska}

Defiance, September, Alice in Wonderland


and here are some more….

{Abbie Cornish}

Somersault, Bright Star, Stop-Loss, Candy

{Sophie Lowe}

Beautiful Kate

{Isabel Lucas}

Transformers 2

and who could forget the boys….

{Xavier Samuel, with Mia Wasikowski}

September, Twilight: Eclipse

{Sam Worthington}

Somersault, Terminator 3, Avatar


And many, many more!!!!

*please click on images for original sources


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2 Responses to The New Aussie Wave.

  1. Clara says:

    I just wanted to add Anna Torv of the FOX TV show Fringe here in the US, she is my fave Aussie of all, but I do like lots of others too!

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