the 100 list {about me}


Thankyou so much, reached 10 000 plus views today. Only 9 months of bloggin.

Thankyou snazzy people.


1.   i always leave things to the last minute.

2.   i really like belt buckles.

3.   im superstitious – except about the number 13. i like that number – its my second favourite to be exact.

4.   my favourite number is 9

5.   when cats meow it makes me nervous

6.   i believe conrad.l.hall and sam mendes to be the perfect pair. road to perdition is pure magic.

7.   ticking clocks drive me insane. i actually hate them.

8.   my favourite author is p.d. james

9.   i have freckles on my left arm in the perfect shape of orion’s belt

10. i dearly want a room with floor to ceiling bookcases. gorgeous.

11. i believe the sound of rain falling in the night in one of the best things in this world

12. i like card tricks.

13. i’d prefer someone picked me a flower than bought me flower, but to get any flower is pretty  darn nice.

14. i really love harmonicas. i wish i knew someone who could play one.

15. my brother and i used to have a long-necked turtle but he died. his name was spike.

16. ive never seen star wars. as a film nerd this breaks a cardinal sin.

17. i don’t like pancakes. when i was little my dad tried to make them with oatmeal one time and it was a total mess. the smell now makes me ill. i will eat them from mcdonalds though. weirdly.

18. i believe pineapple to be the best pizza topping ever.

19. i also believe pineapple to be my favourite type of lolly

20. i think i would declare batman to be my favourite superhero. i just really like the batmobile.

21. some of my favourite movies are from the 80’s. i own ferris buellers day off, sixteen candles, pretty in pink, weird science, flashdance, footloose, the breakfast club, some kind of wonderful, st elmos fire and misery.

22. in case you didn’t know. misery is awesome. crazy kathy bates is the best. “he didn’t get out of the cock-a-doodie car!!!” hilarious.

23. my favourite subject at school was ancient history

24. i prefer katherine hepburn over audrey.

25. i cant stand musicals but glee is really addictive even though often very cringe-worthy

26. incorrect grammar in text messages really bugs me.

27. i live in a small town. i love that i can hear the town bell on a quiet day.

28. the smell of hairspray always reminds me of my maternal grandmother

29. my eyes are hazel

30. and my hair is curly. and usually messy.

31. i have two small scars under my nose. when i was 9 i was playing hide and seek in the dark at our new house and i forgot there was large drop for a walkway near our garage and i fell. i landed face first on the concrete at the bottom. my legs were still up on the grass above. im super lucky i didn’t break my neck.

32. when i was little i wanted to be a radiographer

33. i have a theory that bad news always arrives in the morning

34. breakfast is my favourite meal of the day. catching up with friends at 2pm for an all day breakfast is a true delight.

35. i am in love with films. beautiful stories with beautiful pictures is the best thing there is.

36. i don’t like moustaches. beards are cool.

37. i cant read in the car. i get motion sickness. on boats and planes too.

38. i always have bruises on my elbows. im positive it occurs from a lack of depth perception that causes me to hit them numerously on doorknobs. tis a true curse of being short. haha.

39. ive never had a white christmas. yet.

40. the reason for number 39 is im australian.

41. ive never broken any bones. that i know of. i may have broken my toe last year but im not sure. i was away on holiday with friends and i fell down the stairs, in the middle of the night, trying to get a glass of water.

42. im clumsy. see above.

43. i love love love to read. especially mystery novels.

44. i almost never read a book more than once.

45. one of my favourite books is summer crossing by truman capote

46. i love interior design magazines. my favourite is real living.

47. i like lists. obviously.

48. i like tulips and peonies.

49. i love watching midsomer murders. they’re so bad they’re good. “nothing like a good murder and a cuppa tea.”

50. my absolute favourite time of day is right before you go to bed. when it’s all quiet and still.

51. my name is originally a common boy’s name but its spelt differently.

52. i am going through a serious red lipstick phase

53. i love chocolate, especially when followed by a nice cold glass of milk

54. i wear reading glasses

55. summer is my least favourite season. it’s just soooo hot. it makes me sleepy and grumpy.

56. i love dogs. i have the cutest chocolate coloured labrador x border collie called charlotte. or charlie for short. then i can call her sneaky charlie, charlie brown, charlie and the chocolate factory etc

57. i love my polaroid camera. but who doesn’t?

58. i make a mean chocolate mousse

59. i have a degree in media arts and production. technically not yet, but soon. very soon. haha.

60. i love bird figurines.

61. and knee high socks. especially stripey ones.

62. i had chicken pox when i was 7

63. i have another theory that you shouldn’t tell people what you’re afraid of because it will come back and bite you on the ass. so i won’t say what im afraid of. but i will say its starts with the letter S. wonder what  you will.

64. i love windy, rainy days. like yesterday. even though it makes my hair really knotty.

65. i understand that my hair may also be really knotty because i dont own a hairbrush.

66. i am still band from using candles in the house after melting the bathroom blinds when i was 11.

67. i am a little obsessive when it comes to breakfast condiments. they must always be in the same order. now that i mention it i am the same when it comes to sandwich ingredients. so im thinking im just weird about all food in general.

68. blank notebooks are one of my favourite things in the world. im always buying them.

69. one of my notebooks i keep to write quotes in that i love.

70. i have only one sibling. a younger brother.

71. my parents moved around alot when i was little. i did grade 4 at 3 different schools and in 3 different states. and 1 year apart. figure that one out.

72. i dont like talking on the telephone.

73. and i dont like foods that start with the letter s. sausages. stir fry. seafood. steak. spaghetti.

74. people always seem to buy me calenders. i got 3 for christmas last year. i dont know why.

75. i would definately consider myself a homebody.

76. my mum is really tidy. i don’t think i ever sat on a made bed until i was about 10 haha. she could teach a 6 week course on how to make beds properly. she is brilliant at it. its like art. zzzzzz.

77. i love cheese and chicken sandwiches.

78. i always name my goldfish george.

79. ive always wanted to travel to canada and ireland.

80. nicknames given to me never stick.

81. when i was in primary school we had to play a math game to help us remember our times tables and my favourite was alway 9 x 9 because it was the only one i could remember quick enough.

82. i always think people i know are celebrity lookalikes. the fonz. paul mcdermott. steve carrell. sophia loren. that guy off the departed who says “im not going to be home for supper”.

83. i secretly think everyone has a doppelganger

84. i would like to learn to sew

85. i have seen josh pyke play live. he looks and sings  exactly like he does in his albums which made me love him even more.

86. i drive alot. i love cranking up the music and singing at the top of my voice. sheryl crow’s if it makes you happy is always a favourite.

87. my grandmother was a singer. she won a talent show in the 40’s and got to record her own record.

88. i cant drive a manual.

89. i’m allergic to cats.

90. i love watching BBC films. im currently watching Little Dorrit.

91. i cant stand anything that comes in animal print.

92. i enjoy doing research. finding information is fun.

93. i am a secret hopeless romantic

94. i used to play the clarinet and the euphonium.

95. i love maps but have a hopeless sense of direction

96. when i was little i wasn’t allowed to own birds because i always let them out “to play”

97. i love to rearrange the furniture

98. i love iced coffee and hate iced tea.

99. angel by sarah mclaughlin always makes me cry.

100. i’m very good at reciting numbers. i even remember my 11 digit library card number. and the 6 digit pin. beat that.

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