list one: unexpected highlights of twenty ten

  1. visited niagara falls. i spent the afternoon sipping hot chocolate and watching in absolute awe the power and beauty of these falls. walking behind the falls, you can feel the vibrations of the water crushing above and the fantastic rumble that surrounds you. i then donned my ugly plastic coat with pride as i was showered with water, dripping off my nose and drenching my hair. it was absolute bliss.
  2. met tim burton and got his autograph.  one of my favourite movies of all time is edward scissorhands and so to stumble aimlessly upon his signing was a gift from the heavens.
  3. visited quebec city. ate lots of food, drank lots of coffee and walked one of the narrowed streets in north america (rue du petit-champlain) all to myself at 6 o’clock in the morning when the streets were blissfully quiet.
  4. patted a bison. my gosh they are BIG and STINKY.
  5. carved a pumpkin for halloween. coming from a non halloween participating country – damn you australia, grrr – this was one of the most perfectly innocent, absolutely wonderful things i got to do this year. darn it, im doing it every year now anyhow.
  6. experienced a white christmas. it was certainly different sledding on christmas day, all rugged up, rather than wearing a tank top, moving in time with the fan and eating icepoles.
  7. with a real christmas tree. i loved decorating it. i loved watering it. and i loved that everytime i touched it i smelled all fresh and piney.
  8. listened to a man play edelweiss on the accordian while waiting in the montreal metro. ‘nough said. he was brilliant.
  9. went on a sleigh ride. so lovely and perfect for getting into the white christmas spirit. followed immediatley by hot chocolate and learning how to make rope the old fashioned way – very cool.
  10. the best new years eve ever. tobogganning in the dark. making snow angels. running my name in the snow. and a facewash – oh lord, does snow in the eyeballs feel weird? 
  11. travelled 3221 km on the train. met some lovely people, ate lots of yummy desserts and watched the weather outside get colder and colder. 

oh and what do you know its 11 dot points, talk about symbolism.

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