list three: australian care package items i would send to canada (or anywhere else for that matter)

1.   dvd of muriel’s wedding. so everyone can finally appreciate the humour in muttering “you’re terrible, muriel”. alternative film choices include the castle, strictly ballroom or priscilla queen of the desert.

2.  packet of hundred and thousands. needed in order to make some fairy bread (bread with butter and hundred and thousands) and some chocolate freckles. no childrens party was ever complete without fairy bread. seriously, riots would ensue.

3.  fly swatter. its hot here, so yes, there are flies. lots of flies.

4.  dvd of hamish and andys caravan of courage. australian comedic duo and radio hosts. alternative comedy acts could include akmal or carl barron.

5.  stubby holder.

6.  tim tams. because life is better with tim tams. although if you want aussie chocolate specifially go for a freddo frog or caramello koala.

7. bonds singlet. because it isnt summer without one. and for those who arent sure what a singlet is; its a tank top.

8. rice bubbles box. so they can see how the rice krispies box is exactly the same except for the name.

are there any other gifts that you would send overseas that represent australia or your own country?? 

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