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number 7 from the 22 list

        ride the carousel, done and dusted.        

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where did april go? and now that you mention it, may, june and july?

i seem to have lost the last few months or so in a flurry of things that i needed to do. the only thing i really remember of april was the royal wedding and how can you not have been … Continue reading

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i want to ride my bicycle.

buy this lovely tote inspired by my all time favourite queen song bicycle race here at blacks swan designs.

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you know what to do.

beautiful illustration by alli coate (image via here)

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list ten: canadian things, weird eh?

ive been back home in australia for one whole week now after just over 5 wonderful months in canada (for winter!!!)  and although they are very similar, apart from all the snow, there are some things about canada/canadians that make me laugh. here are a few … Continue reading

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i love surprises like this…

a never seen before picture (and in a photobooth no less!!) of my grandfather as a teenager with his older sister. makes me smile THIS BIG.

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list nine: why i love autumn

1. Untitled, 2. Untitled, 3. Untitled, 4. Yellow 1, 5. When every day seems the same, it is because we have stopped noticing the good things that appear in our lives, 6. poms, 7. Untitled, 8. running from wind, 9. … Continue reading

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