list eight: festivals i want to go to

(in no specific order)

1.  La Tomatina    Bunol, Spain

2.  Glastonbury Music Festival   Somerset, England

3.  The Dreaming  Queensland, Australia

4.  Sundance Film Festival  Utah, USA

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number 4


ice skating. snowfall. costumes. bonfire.

helium balloons. hot chocolate. laughter.

equals a freaking blast.

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list seven: things i love, always

1.  any josh pyke song

2.  buying fresh flowers; especially peonies and tulips

3. the smell of freshly baked bread

4.  going to the cinema

5.  hearing family laugh

6. shopping for winter clothes; mittens, scarves, hats etc

7.  laughing hysterically at the it crowd

8.  a perfectly made latte

9.  my polaroid camera and now my fuji instax

10. dancing

11. knee high socks, preferably colourful and with stripes

12. starry nights

13. road trips

14. blank notebooks

15. art gallery gift shops

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im loving…

 1. Untitled, 2. Untitled, 3. this photo was taken with my 5d, 4. [MONA x+], 5. spin, 6. 58 | 365, 7. brothers., 8. Untitled, 9. Untitled

all the stunning childrens, black and white portraits being produced on flickr lately.

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list six: to do list

1. help my cousin shana paint her bathroom

2. go with my cousins to a costume iceskating party

3. watch whats eating gilbert grape

4. go roller blading

5. plan the final stage of my trip

6. go out for lunch.

7. mail letters and postcards back home

8. listen to the decemberists.

9. have a snowball fight

10. make valentines day cards

11. update resume

12. teach canadiens more weird aussie words

13. make homemade photo-booth

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list five: origami ive recently made


1.   paper crane. because its a classic and my absolute favourite.

2.   yakko-san.

3.   a mouse. this thing was freakin hard and literally took me about 4.5 hours to finish. never again.

4.   star box masu.

5.   fox. which personally i think looks more like a gekko. maybe its the lime green paper?

6.  butterfly.

7.  fish.

8.   tato.

9.   menko.

10.  drinking bird.

11.  waterbomb.

12.  jumping frog.

13.  a talker.

14. rose flower.

p.s they make very pretty additions to valentines cards. hint, hint.

for more ideas go here or here.

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this is the image constructed from all the 2010 vogue issues (from all countries) when overlayed.

pretty cool huh?

(via hitrecordjoe ; witten)

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