The 23 List

things to do while 23…

  1. Take a course 

2.   Make 52 lists

3.   Take my mum to Floriade 2011

4.   Experiment with pinhole photography

5.   Grow some flowers and keep them alive

6.   Play twister

7.   Organise a horror movie marathon

8.   Contribute to project Twelve

9.   Go to a concert

10. Read three more novels from the BBC’s Big Read

11. Go on an adventure

12. Write another script

13. See the final Harry Potter film

14. Buy an awesome hat

15. Laugh until i cry

16. And vice versa

17. Find myself in the middle of nowhere

18. Visit the Silo Bakery

19. Make a film for my grandparents’ siblings overseas

20. Inject more colour into my wardrobe

21. Plan a super – duper awesome day with my brother

22. Take a self – portrait

23. Catch up on some solid hours of TV on DVD

1 Response to The 23 List

  1. thegingersguidetolife says:

    I really love this idea!

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